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About Us: SME Toolkit Jordan

Jordan Ahli Bank

In light of the current SME Group's strategy at the Jordan Ahli Bank to play a pivotal role in supporting the small, and medium enterprises, and to create comprehensive financial solutions which is based on understanding the needs of this sector; and in the belief of the Jordan Ahli Bank to contribute to the development of the small and medium enterprises which plays an important role in social and economic development in Jordan:

 The Jordan Ahli Bank signed with the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group, the Agreement "Electronic Program for Small and Medium Enterprises", known as SME Toolkit, to help small businesses and medium enterprises in Jordan to acquire the necessary skills to expand their enterprises and create new jobs.

Under this agreement, the Jordan Ahli Bank introduced a local copy in Arabic and English on " Electronic Program for Small and Medium Enterprises ", known as the "SME Toolkit", and which is implemented by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) in a number of countries around the world.

Work began the electronic program for small and medium enterprise SME Toolkit in 2002, and it is now available in 35 countries and approximately 18 languages, and receives around 5 million online visitors per year, and in many locations, and this program is the largest resource for business support on the internet in local languages.

The program provides for those in charge of small businesses and medium enterprises access around the clock via the internet to specialized information and interactive tools and educational resources that will help them in the implementation of sound practices, in the management of projects, and access to finance and access to new markets.

The program displays hundreds of free business forms, and include as its main content: accounting and finance, human resources, local and international business, legal and insurance, marketing and sales, operations and technology, women in business. The program also provides a wide range of information necessary to raise awareness among business owners in current market conditions and developments, which includes (articles, news, local events, tenders, legal forms, interactive tools, business forms, programs, etc.)

The site also offers a wide range of information necessary to raise awareness among small, and medium business owners to current market developments which includes (articles, news, local events, tenders, legal and financial forms, interactive tools, business forms, success stories and experiences of business owners).

Through this initiative, the Bank has launched this international program and made it available through the Jordan Ahli Bank’s Small and Medium Enterprises Group to enable them to enable business owners to access online information, and take advantage of the applications and educational resources to help develop their management skills, increase productivity and raise their efficiency and capacity to allow their projects to access funding and reach to new markets.

All these services will be provided free of charge to clients of the Jordan Ahli Bank in particular, and for the small and medium enterprises, and entrepreneurs in Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in general for reason of supporting the emerging business in all regions of the Kingdom. We wishing you an informative and enjoyable experience in browsing our website portal, and hope that you would become permanent users and witnesses to the Jordan Ahli Bank's continuous efforts to support the emerging businesses in Jordan.

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